Caving can be hobby, sport, science - and all in one, but if someone takes this seriously it can be an aim of life too, that's why you have to think about it carefully before starting a course like this. Comparing with other sports what you do in your free time it has a lot bigger effect in forming teams. When you are wondering deep down between the beautiful stalactites, near the rushing creeks in the labyrinths of the cave the only ones on whom you can count is yourself and your team members.

Based on last years' experiences the course will be an intensive one. It has a lot of advantage - we will have time to get to know each other, form a strong team and learn every practical knack of caving more effectively (not to mention the cost-cutting part of it as we don't have to travel that much).

The base of the course will be the house which belongs to the speleology association in the Bükk-Plateau. It's a non-comfort house, we will have our water from the clean spring close to it, and electricity generated by an aggregator, but only for 1 or 2 hour every day to recharging our batteries. Sleeping is possible in your own sleeping bags on bunk beds or outside, as you wish. There's also a kitchen in the house with gas stove, pots and cutleries for everyone. You can also find a compost toilet behind the house.

We will start our morning at 8:00 am and after the breakfast and the morning duties we will start our trips to the caves at 9:00 am where all kind of different challenges will wait for you. Beyond learning the rope techniques you'll have the chance to try the cave exploration also. You will have an insight of the theory and practice of speleology and how you contribute it while you can explore places, formations and magnificent spaces like nowhere else. Delicious dinner will wait for us every evening, after what we will explain for you the learning materials, and we will end the night by singing traditional caver songs beside the camp fire.

During the course we will ensure the devices for rope technique, the climbing and descending, but we ask every one of you to bring caving harness, central steel karabiner ("D" mailon) and cows tails. You have to count with two extra weekends after the intensive course when we will give you practical lessons and also the very useful first aid lessons will take place in those times. When you finish all of these lessons and practices, and your trainers agreed to it that you are ready, you will have the chance for a "home exam" by our caving association to practice for the real exam, and get comfortable with its requirements, also practice the techniques in what you have more weaknesses - if you have any. In the end you can bravely go and try yourselves, your knowledge and ability, and make the basic level caving exam by Hungarian Speleological Society.

At the course the minimum age is 14 years, also under 18 we will ask a parental permission from you. Keeping in mind every detail, we decided that the ideal group number should be minimum 5 and maximum 10. Usually there is a big interest in the course, so we suggest considering it if you have enough time and persistence for it - if the answer is yes don't hesitate to contact us.

If you would be interested in this intensive caving course, but never were in any of these caves where you have to climb and crawl, or just not sure enough in yourself don't give up - in the beginning you will have the chance to try yourselves in a free condition testing trip. Apply in time via our form, so both you and us will have the chance to see who is that 10 person, who feel themselves naturally in these environments and are skilful enough to start the course, and who are those who'd need a few more trip to get more comfortable in the caves.

When you start our intensive course:

List of what you will need - what to bring for a week like this?

Personal caving equipment

Additional rope technique equipment (It's always better to learn with your own ones, but if you don't have any, we can provide you during the course)

Other stuff for camping:

How can you apply?

If you still persistent, please apply on the following form.
Deadline: 12:00 on 3rd July 2015 and 12:00 on 17th July 2015

Do you have any question? You can find us at tanfolyam/at/mlbe/dot/hu email address.

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